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There is something magnetic about the gushing sound of the water falling from great heights. The mere sight of millions of water droplets joining hands to create a milky streamlined fall with a mammoth force, assimilating Nature in its full glory is a liberating experience that you’d never want to miss.

So, with the onset of the monsoon, our adventure-loving team at KIVU wondered which waterfall we’d like to explore if there were no COVID restrictions.
A little discussion left us wondering where India’s tallest waterfall is?

So, we googled to find the answer and were pleasantly surprised that India’s tallest fall is located in Satara district of Maharashtra.
Situated amidst the lush green Sahyadri hills and just 6 km from the now-famous Kaas Plateau, Vajrai Waterfall is the origin of river Urmodi and falls from a massive height of 1840 ft in 3 breathtakingly stunning stages.

Just to put in context, the Statue of Unity, which is the World’s Tallest Statue, is just 597 ft tall.
Vajrai waterfall. India's tallest waterfall
Located in a peaceful Bhambivali hamlet that hosts just 20 odd homes, this perennial waterfall flows through the year and presents one of the most rejuvenating sights in the Monsoon.

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