Kivu Immunity Boosting Cookies Combo Pack (240g)


Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Turmeric are the most cherished spices in Ayurveda with well-documented health benefits. But in our busy life with all the hustle and bustle, it is often impractical to remind ourselves of consuming a dose of these spices.

At the Kingdom of Good Food, we’ve designed these immunity-boosting cookies that blend the goodness of all these spices in a delicious treat that you can consume anywhere on the go.
And we didn’t stop just there. To ensure that these cookies boost our health, we crafted them without refined flour, refined sugar, artificial preservatives or any chemicals. Going a step further each cookie is hand baked by rural women in a Solar Oven that uses no fuel, fire or wire thereby creating a positive socio-environmental impact.

Impossible, you say. Well, try one to believe it 🙂

Pack Contains: (2 packs)

Kivu Sun Baked CookieKivu Sugar Free CookieKivu Vegan CookieKivu Vegan Cookie

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