Happy Food creates

a Happy Planet

Imagine your favourite food….imagine its seductive aroma, rich flavour and the wonderful taste. Irresistible, isn’t it? Food not only fills our stomach; they also set our moods and influence our mind. In fact, food is powerful enough to shape our society and even an entire Civilization.

At Kingdom of Good Food, we blend this power of food to positively nourish our Health, Society and Environment.

Inspired by the glorious food culture of this Great Country, we’ve created recipes that are tasty for sure, but are also rich in Nutrients, Vitamins & Natural Minerals.

Weaving you in a symbiotic relationship with the produced & the producer, each packet at Kingdom of Good Food is hand crafted from natural ingredients and baked exclusively in a Solar Oven. Yes, you heard it right…No Fuel, No Fire, No Wire…each Cookie is baked in the purest energy of the Sun, yielding a distinctive flavour that you’ll find nowhere else.

What’s more, the natural, chemical free ingredients that we use in our recipes are also offered to you in their original forms so that you too can create Happy & Healthy Food.

So, every time you make a journey to The Kingdom, You empower yourself with good health, the Men & Women who produce them with a good future and the Environment with a right balance.

That’s the power of good food…Welcome aboard!



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