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Goa is famous for its beaches, seafood and alcohol. But while the popular destinations like Anjuna and Bagha Beach or the Church are always crowded with tourists, Goa hosts several hidden gems that are peaceful, serene and mysterious in many ways.

One such wonderful place is Netravali Lake located at around 50 km from Margao and 80 km from Panaji.
The Netravali Lake goes by many names such as Budbud, Budbudyachi Tali and Bubble Lake. Budbud means bubbles in Konkani.
Situated in the peaceful and serene village of Netravali, this lake is a natural marvel. Famous for its bubbles which rise continuously at regular interval from the bed and burst at the surface forming fascinating concentric circles. Another interesting fact is that these bubbles appear to rise faster when someone claps near the pond.
Wonders of India netravali Lake Goa
The explanations for the origin of the bubbles are many and varied. Some claim that they are the work of the local deity, while others say that they are due to sulphur dioxide gas. The theory that attributed to methane has been disproved since there are plenty of fishes in the lake. The crux of it is that the true origin of the bubbles still remains a mystery.

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