Kivu Ragi Peanut Butter Cookie (150g)


If ever there was Kingdom of Cookies, this would be the undisputed King. After all, Ragi – the small grain with a big heart turbocharged with calcium, potassium & dietary fibres – when blended with protein-rich peanuts and the all popular chocolate conceives a nutritionally dense cookie that is just irresistible. Go bite it!
Hand crafted in small batches with utmost love & care, these cookies are exclusively baked in a Solar Oven using the purest energy of the Sun. Thus, not only are these cookies healthy for you but they are intentionally designed to be healthier for our Environment as well.
After all a Happy Soul thrives in a Happy Environment.
Sun BakedSugar FreeGluten FreeKivu Vegan CookieKivu Vegan Cookie

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