We believe that a Happy Planet thrives on Happy Food & it is our vision to serve the healthiest food that is delicious, accessible, exciting & socio-environmentally responsible

Each of our product is hand-baked by rural women in a Solar Oven using the finest of ingredients sans any artificial flavours or preservatives. This makes us one of the world’s most socio-environmentally conscious food brand!

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Impact: Fuel

Our solar ovens have baked nearly 1650 kgs of Cookies so far.

Our Presence

We love India and love what we do. To experience our creations, do explore the cities we are already in.

Impact: Emissions

Every 2 kilo of cookies sold, prevents a kilo of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere. So far our efforts have helped save 825 Kgs of CO2

Impact: Livelihood Generation

2 rural women are supporting the program, baking nearly 6 Kg of cookies/day using 10 Solar Ovens

Our Products

We bake 5 vegan or gluten free cookies that are packed with raw awesomeness!

A small positive vibration can change the entire cosmos

Our Inspirations

“All Kivu cookie are super delicious & super healthy. So much in love with the way these cookies have been made…so natural, so human and yet so delicious!”

VishakhaCreative Head @Saffron Broadcast & Media

“Kivu cookies are a perfect start to healthy eating, although a bit addictive 🙂
We are so happy to have them at our café; highly recommended.”

Ritu BarmechaActor, Owner - June 16 Cafe

“I am a big big ardent fan of Rajgira & Multi spice cookies. Rajgira helps satisfy my sugar cravings during fast & Multi spice goes perfect with my evening cup of coffee. Can’t wait enough to try more variants from Kivu. Thank you for bringing these Sun Baked cookies in our lives.”

Shraddha ChauhanMarketing Head @Drishyam Films